WELCOME TO SELFIE.SERVICES: Value Your Own Image Sensibly and Legally

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Webmedia Models and Modeling Agency Service for Everyone: Yes fully democratic INTERNET gives chance to everyone just like super nature has allowed to exist!!! You also know it as Internet Modeling (to become Internet Models) and any synonymous word indicating the same virtual world.

Re-imaging the glamour of last person in line including each n every one is prime focus area with the unique concept promoted from an Indian city Raipur in central region!!

Common Man Common Technology Driven Web Media Global Photo and Selfie Platform is just meant for YOU!

Your mobile / smart phone camera is best device to capture beauty of you n your soil....

BTW You must note that Webmedia Modeling is altogether different than the conventional modelling world usually considered to be the elite class only domain. Webmedia Modeling is for common man, boys an gals or whoever. We don't take credit for it, Webmedia is helping only putting you on the global platform and all credit goes to Internet the real people's world and Your own existence.

How can one become Webmedia Model / Internet Model? The new concept is taking shape with real time responses of aspiring people. If you want to rule the glamour world with your own cards then you are at right place.

Selfie.Services is planning to add One Thousand 1000 Webmedia / Internet Models to make a global launch, Be the first, pioneer and be with us.

Your first step is join here to keep in aspiring list of 1000 Webmedia Models aka Internet Models and we will take care of you in due course.

INR ₹10 Lac or USD $12,000 or GBP £9000 must be yearly cost to maintain proper Internet Existence and we are modeling the process utilizing the Online Collaboration Power & Culture yielding the recurring cost to bare minimum, almost zero level.

What you need to do and what Ashok Sharma Internet powered Selfie.Sevices do for you?

You get: Main profile here (in this website)

Usual Online Promotions which is a lifestyle with Ashok Sharma Internet

Coaching for local based fan and follower development


You provide: Your digital contents with model release signed

Local time, energy and effort

Online actions as suggested and architected 

Target: To Achieve all around business goals and always growing online existence for YOU, remember your success is my product

The service model - Every company and business entity starts with reputation building with free services, discount offer and exceptional opportunity for strong launch portfolio.

You know I have declared the initial fee range starting with INR ₹10 Lac or USD $12,000 or GBP £9000 annually...and...

Your only chance to global projection @affordable fee starting from zero, miss now and get ready to exorbitant expense for same opportunity.

If your are one of the first visitors please help me spread the words to world...Please simply comment what you understood with my proposal and I will keep explaining the whole thing...Best way is record a video comment, then post to Youtube and it will be shown here...

Which concepts are in pipeline? Internet world allows unlimited collaboration possibilities just waiting to be tapped for, few ones are -

- Time For Internet (TFI) just as in TFP an online collaboration of creatives genres

- TFI Photo Book for writers, authors, models, photographers, artists and singer songwriters to collaborate online to make unlimited digital versions for eCommerce

- TFI based Monetization portal and social network development mutually beneficial for all collaborators

- TFI Web series

Let's discuss with a target - As per my experience based on Identity Subject Portal IDENTIFYING.CLUB with tons of traffic, membership and monetization money, read Common Costing Plan of the basic development to initiating an Elite Class website:

- 100 Thousand USD = $0.10 Million 
Details - Inaugural content - 1000 Article with 1000 words + 3 Stock Image + One Video
Bare minimum price would be 100 USD per article
So it comes out to 100x1000 USD = Nearly 65 Lakh = GBP 73K

We jointly are putting 1000 pictures + 1K Titles + whatever candid videos…As per Internet Response we will enhance the content...and life goes on…So we are doing ZERO Budget and Collaboration Online to develop a robust online existence to share the benefits among us.

What are benefits sharing in TFI? Now I need your input to talk further but one definite answer is the data sharing followed by expenses and profit sharing.

Well the concept initially seems tough but just look around the similar online lifestyle you already might be leading so it simply connecting with an architecturally planned venture.

Welcome! 1000 Members One Thousand Writers, Authors,  Models, Photographers, Artists and Singer Songwriters means all types of creative souls are invited to join for first ever TFI COLLABORATION.

Code Name: 1000 TFI / OK TFI / 1KTFI / One K TFI / One Thousand TFI Members

You also are free to assign your own style to 1ktfi....So friends the movement is announced!!!

So let's begin: How to become OK TFI?

Short steps to great Internet Publishing Tools, Now you know an Internet Model is part of Internet Publisher Program too.

1. Join selfie.services: send your details using application form, present yourself in impressive details. 

2. Get approved: Your creative talent and collaboration instinct is the key to acceptance here, no fixed formula except your zeal n zest.

3. Create Killer Profile:

4. Contribute One Article:

5: Check Internet Data Allowed: Yes, we will make available the success data to you.

6: Get Tips specific to you to learn Online Existence Building:

7: Design your own Internet Existence with newly acquired skill:

Always remember whole thing depends on the 1000 members and not to mention every one is support for other so the very first task is

"Let's grow to OK TFI" community!!!

Your effort to spread the words to world is first and foremost task to become global entity in unique ways.

Photo dont hang help each other online in identifying club.jpg OK TFI Community are offered access to web site strategies, traffic statistics and promotional opportunity in future network sites including Selfie.Sevices and Identifying.Club portals, the later having excellent track record in Internet world which makes all of members an elite online community having unique inside knowledge otherwise not available anywhere.

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